Eulogy by Reuven Kaminer

Blessed are the parents whose children become partners in their struggle.

Noam has left us but even so he is present and stands with those soldiers who refuse to take part in an unjust war, and especially with the refuseniks who serve peace in Military Prison #6.

Noam has left us but even so he is present and stands in every demonstration and every vigil and especially stands with his mother, Dafna, at the Women in Black vigil.

Noam has left us but stands with those who refuse to see the Arabs as his enemy, but more than that Noam fought and realized Jewish-Arab unity during years of activity and action on the ground.

Noam has left us but is here with those who recognize the human rights of the refugees and of those who came here searching for work and bread. Active support was not enough for Smadar and Noam who opened their home for a long stay by a refugee who required special conditions.

Noam has left us but is present and active together with those who are working for a high-tech which will not serve profit-making but the well being of humanity, and employed his professional success to support Smadar as she succeeded in challenging, through the establishment of Tsofen, the practical closure of the field to Arab citizens in Israel.

Noam has left us but he is present and with us in all the battles for social justice. Noam fought not only for a minimum wage, but for an end to wage exploitation, for socialism.

Noam was an activist, a fighter, an internationalist and a humanist, a faithful friend, a loving father to Matan and Carmel and a partner in love and creativity with Smadar.