Letter from Noam's nephew

Dear Matan, Smadar and Carmel,

in my thoughts I am with you. I am very sad, and A. is very sad, too. I think H. has already talked to you.

When Noam and Smadar visited Berlin the last time Smadar said, that Noam was ill and that they wanted to spend more time together. It is good to think that Noam spent the last months at home with you. And I hope that despite the terrible circumstances it was a good time.

When I was in Israel for three months some years ago I felt welcome at your house and I very much liked being with you. The moments I remember best are when Noam came home with the shopping from the supermarket on Friday afternoon. He would put the boxes and bags on the kitchen table and load the goods into the fridge. I felt that I was watching someone who was aware of what he was doing and that he was at ease with it, even while he performed a somewhat minor action. It was just vegetables and cheese after all. He did it carefully, but there also was something light and playful about it. I hope this does not sound too stupid, I am not able to describe it in any better way.

Noam always brought beer with the shopping, I don't know if he ususally did this, but he knew that I would share it with him later. Then we would chat sitting at the table, and I enjoyed his warmth, curiousness and humour, which I will miss.

All the best,