Letter from a family friend

To Matan,Carmel and Smadar,

I'm really really really sorry for your loss, I don't need to tell you that Noam was a great person, you know that, and you have everyone else to tell you that too.

I heard that hundreds of people went to the funeral, that's encouraging. In a way, no one really dies until his memory dies, and Noam's memory still lives strong.

I personally have very vivid memories of Noam, from many years ago, A very prominent character in my early childhood memories. I am sure many others can say similar things.

Anything I say, any sentence that starts with “Noam was…” sounds insincere, I am convinced it can provide no new information to you. So I will try and skip this, and move straight on to you.

Coping with the death of a loved one is much harder then dying, but change and growth come from necessity, from crisis. Sometimes loss unchains us too, it opens doors and provides opportunities for things that were unimaginable to do.

I hope you find your renewed spirits, and that you will grow from strength to strength. Life can never really defeat you, it just feels that way sometimes.

In any case, you are in our hearts and minds, always. Take very good care of yourselves. If any of you feel like supplementing your spiritual morbidness with some scenic morbidness you are always welcome to come
visit these isles. Otherwise, I will see you all… soon hopefully.

Lots of love, and take very good care of yourselves.