Letter from a colleague

Noam was my first manager at Ex Libris. It was a difficult time, a lot of learning, intensive work, agreements and disagreements. I was coming home, excited, agitated, talking to my family about each day that passed, my worries, my concerns, my joys and bitter moments. Many years passed since that time, details faded away.  Some time ago my family and I were talking about those days, and my older daughter, asked – ‘what was the name of your manager whom you always called ‘the Mensch’? ‘Noam’, I answered. It was Noam, who, through all working arguments, debates, long and exhaustive hours, failures and successes, has always remained a ‘real Mensch’ – that’s what my daughter remembered. Many of us would want to be remembered in such a way.

With love and upmost respect,